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Small Space, Big Value: Tips for Transforming Your Shed Into a Professional Workshop

If you have a shed in your yard there is a fair chance that it is not being used for anything other than a storage unit, but it could be so much more than that and with a bit of effort, you could transform that space into a very useful workshop.

Here is a look at why you might want to do a conversion and then how to go about preparing and changing your shed into something far more than a yard storage option. There are tips on preparing your shed, working out what you need from your space and keeping safety in mind with your design options.

Make your shed work for you

If you are a hobbyist or need a workshop or studio space for your business, the solution could be standing right in front of you when you step out into your yard.

What is currently a neglected storage space can be quickly and easily transformed into a climate controlled workshop or even a highly functional art studio if that is what you are looking for.

If you currently rent a space elsewhere and what to bring your business into your backyard for cost savings and convenience, or simply want somewhere suitable to pursue your hobby, it’s time to convert your shed.

Clear everything out

You need to start by clearing the shed out completely so that you can see exactly what space you have got to work with and to look for any minor repairs or improvements that need to be done to make the space comfortable and safe.

Give it a deep clean both inside and out so that you now have a shed that is ready for conversion.

Decide what you need

The next step is to decide what you need in the shed to be able to do your work.

If the shed already has a power supply that is a good start, although you might have to expand the options if you are going to be putting equipment in there. If you do need any electrical work it is never worth taking any chances by trying to do things yourself. Use a qualified electrician to install all the extra sockets and light fittings you need.

You will also want to have the shed properly insulated so that it becomes a properly habitable workshop any time of the year and whatever the weather is doing outside.

The right work surface

The sort of work surface options you have in your shed will depend on the type of work you do and how varied your projects are.

Your work surface has to be considered as integral to the usefulness of your workshop so take the time to decide exactly what you need. The work surface will have to be suitable for and sturdy enough for most typical projects and has to be designed with easy access to your tools and supplies in mind.

It might be that you also need some rolling work shelves so that you can enjoy better versatility and be able to cope with a greater variety of potential projects.The great thing about rolling shelves is that as well as providing an additional work surface they can be used for extra storage options when not in use.

Safe working environment           

It is very satisfying to see your shed suddenly become a professional workshop space and the final step in that transformation is to make sure you have created what can be classed as a safe working environment.

You might be working at home in your old shed but you might want to visit this page for help with personal protection equipment that you will need to wear when carrying out tasks in your new space.


Keep safety in mind when designing the layout of your workshop and create good storage space for your equipment so that you can work efficiently and enjoy a professional layout that keeps everything safely stored when you are not using it.


Elizabeth Shepherd is a woman with too many ideas! She successfully started her own business from home whilst also raising 4 kids on her own and likes to encourage other women, and men, to take the leap and start their own dream business.

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