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Safety on the Jobsite: Useful Apps for Outdoor Professionals

There are occupational hazards attached to working outdoors, and whether you are working on a construction site or maybe doing some landscaping work, safety always has to be a priority.

Here is a look at how to make the most of apps that are designed to keep you safe and make your job easier. Find out how to enjoy better ladder safety and discover what your safe lifting limits are. There are also details on dealing with a medical emergency and using an app to carry out a safety audit.

Working at heights

One of the first things you might want to do if you are going to be working outside is downloading a weather app for Android phones so that you know if the elements are going to be an issue or not.

If you are going to be working on a ladder to do a job, you will also want to make sure that you have taken all the right precautions to prevent a potential accident. The NIOSH Ladder app is a good one to have on your smartphone, as it guides you through the process of setting your ladder at the right angle.

This is just one of the features on the app and you get an inspection tool that includes a checklist to run through, plus other useful tools and a general safety guide to refer to.

When you consider ladder fall injuries are a persistent source of workplace injuries, it makes sense to use this app as a way of keeping safe.

Know your limits

Back injuries are a frequent source of workplace accidents and the problem often lies in a lack of basic knowledge regarding how much weight you can safely lift without causing injury.

The Oregon OSHA Easy Lift app is a good reference to use so that you know your limitations and don’t attempt to pick up something that is going to cause you a back injury.

It only takes a few moments to enter some basic information into the app. It then calculates the maximum safe lifting weight based on various lifting scenarios, which is better to know before you try and lift something that ends up causing you an injury.

Help with first aid emergencies

It is always a good idea to have some basic first aid knowledge so that you can initially deal with some medical emergencies while help arrives.

The Red Cross First Aid app is a good one to have on your phone for this purpose. It is full of useful tips and even has some instructional videos to guide you through some typical emergency scenarios.

All of the content is preloaded so you won’t have to worry about a signal to gain access to the data, and it is even integrated with 911, so the emergency medical services can be on their way in no time at all.

Safety audits

It is always advisable to carry out regular safety audits and inspections in order to make sure that everything is being done in line with current standards and regulations.

The iAuditor app is used to conduct an estimated 35,000 inspections per day throughout the world and is constantly being updated with new safety information and changes in regulations that you need to be aware of.

This is just one of several useful apps that can help you employ better safety practices and reduce your odds of becoming a workplace accident statistic.

Richard McAndrews works in occupational safety and writes about this topic in his articles. He writes for a selection of business blogs sharing his knowledge.

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